Why is Invisalign for Teens Becoming More Popular?

Invisalign for Teens in Fulshear Texas

Did you know that Invisalign is becoming increasingly popular among teenagers? Many people feel that Invisalign is only for adults who want to straighten their teeth discreetly. Contrary to popular belief, Invisalign is a wonderful treatment option for people of all ages, including teenagers.

History of Invisalign

When Invisalign first entered the orthodontic market in 1998, there were several restrictions on what cases it could and could not treat. Since then, these clear, removable aligners have seen several technological breakthroughs, allowing them to cure complicated orthodontic disorders that they could not previously treat. At Gavri Orthodontics, we have successfully treated many patients with Invisalign who had difficult concerns including as crowding, spacing, and various bite irregularities.

What Makes Invisalign a Good Choice for Teens?

No Wires or Brackets

Many teenagers like Invisalign because there are no wires or braces that hurt their mouths or fall off their teeth. This suggests that there will be few, if any, emergencies!

Fewer Appointments | Quicker Appointments

Adjustments with Invisalign are notably shorter and less frequent than for traditional braces. We see Invisalign patients every 10-12 weeks for visits that last around 20 minutes. Typically, those who select braces have 11 appointment visits (30-40 minutes each) during the duration of their therapy.

Appointments are a major reason why Invisalign has become so popular among youngsters in recent years. Fewer appointments mean less time away from school or job!

No Food Restrictions

There are no food restrictions with Invisalign because there is no actual metal hardware on the teeth. Teens like that they do not have to give up their favorite foods, as they would with traditional braces. Because there is no hardware on the teeth, the teen can brush and floss normally rather than taking the time to brush and floss around wires and brackets. This helps to maintain general dental cleanliness during orthodontic treatment, which is essential for shifting teeth into new places.

“What Should I Do If My Teen’s Aligner Is Lost?”

We recognize that things happen in life! If your adolescent’s aligner becomes misplaced, please contact our office to discuss what steps should be taken to keep their treatment on schedule. Dr. Gavri will usually encourage the patient to go on to the next set of aligners in order to avoid any unintentional movement or shifting. The loss of an aligner has little effect on overall treatment, however it is vital to notify your orthodontist if this occurs. At Gavri Orthodontics, we believe in our teenagers and have witnessed excellent results with their motivation when it comes to Invisalign.

Invisalign for Teens at Gavri Orthodontics

Still not certain that Invisalign is the right choice for your teen? Gavri Orthodontics is a Certified Invisalign Provider, and we have treated many patients with Invisalign in Fulshear, TX.

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