How we are unique

We understand how important choosing the right orthodontist is for you or your child. We strive to deliver exceptional orthodontic care by providing a truly personalized experience.

Same-Day Braces

At our boutique orthodontic office, if you’re pleased with your initial consultation, we are delighted to offer you the convenience of starting your braces journey on the very same day!

Single Doctor Office

​We know how important it is to have continuity of care.  We pride ourselves in being family-owned and operated. Dr. Gavri is the sole orthodontist at the practice and your entire treatment from the planning to your final smile and retainers will be in his hands. We prioritize our relationships with patients and Dr. Gavri takes the time to personally sit down with each patient during their appointment, ensuring personalized attention and care!

Top of the line Technology

​This means no more goopy impressions! We pride ourselves on utilizing state-of-the-art technology to provide our patients with the highest level of orthodontic care!

Boutique Practice

​We prioritize spending time with our patients and learning about them.  When you come for your visits, you will see that Dr. Gavri is spending quality time treating you and listening to any concerns you may have. This means that we enjoy spending time with our patients and learning about them.  You’ll become part of our Gavri Orthodontics Family!

Paperless Office

​We think being paperless is the best! Saving the trees and saving you time.

Retainers included​

​Part of our philosophy is an all-inclusive approach. That means when you are ready for your braces to come off, your initial retainers will not be an added fee!

Emergency Orthodontic Care

​We offer same day orthodontic appointments for any emergency that you may be having! If you call in the morning, we will be sure to see you in the afternoon. If you call later in the day, we will make sure you can be seen by the next morning.  Pokey wire? Broken bracket? We’ve got you covered!

Interest-Free Financing

We use top-of-the-line technology to help you get affordable, interest-free financing that fits YOU! Your health should never be put on the line due to financing, we are flexible to meet your needs!

Your amazing orthodontic experience awaits

Dr. Gavri makes a concerted effort to meet with patients and parents on a regular basis to discuss treatment progress.  He is always eager to take the time to answer any questions you may have, and parents are always welcome to accompany their child to the treatment area so that he can address any questions or demonstrate treatment progress.

Our team prioritizes taking the time needed to provide the individualized care and service you deserve in a timely and punctual manner.

While treatment times are simply estimates, Dr. Gavri pays special attention to dental age and does not begin treating a child too young, as this would result in an unnecessarily extended time in treatment.

We can complete your treatment within the estimated time frame while giving optimal outcomes due to our well-coordinated combination of treatment mechanics, efficient monitoring systems, and good patient compliance!