Teens Orthodontics

Oh, the Teenage Years…

We all remember these years. These years are fun and exciting, but they’re filled with lots of change and very real self-image issues.

The most common age for orthodontic treatment is between ages 11-15. During this period, kids go through phases of rapid growth and development. We can take advantage of this by guiding the growth of the bone and the eruption of teeth to obtain an ideal bite, smile, and facial profile.

These years can shape the rest of your teenager’s life (no pressure, mom and dad). So let’s set them up with an awesome smile!

Metal Braces – The OG

​Smiles have been curated using these bad boys since the beginning of time. They have come a long way from your grandma’s metal mouth, however. These high-tech gadgets have been slimmed down and tailored to make orthodontics more patient-friendly. Their smaller profile makes for a more comfortable ride while perfecting your smile.

Braces treatment in Fulshear Texas
Esthetic Braces Treatment in Fulshear TX

Esthetic Braces – The Master of Disguise

​Similar to the OG’s just a little less noticeable. These braces are just as effective and efficient at perfecting that smile of yours without all the metal. The only drawback is that they are more fragile and need some extra TLC from you throughout treatment.

Invisalign Teen – The New Kid on the Block

​​Everyone loves the new kid, and how could you blame them? No metal, no wires, no braces?! Sign me up! Basically invisible, these are a series of clear aligners made to precisely move your teeth to perfection. However, there’s always a catch and with great power comes great responsibility. Since they are not glued to your teeth, you become responsible to wear them 24/7.

Gavri Orthodontics is proud to be a Gold Plus Invisalign Provider!

Girl with Invisalign in Fulshear TX